Schwenk Tempelhofer Feld

Geschwenkt wird das Tempelhofer Feld. Jeder ist eingeladen, bringt einfach Schwenker, Merguez und Getränke mit. Bis Dann!

Schwenk la Reunion

SchwenkTheWorld is finally going to schwenk a real volcano.

Schwenk Malaysia

Here some new Schwenk activities from the far Malaysia… Our friend Michael sended us this cool picture.

Schwenk The Camp – Marseille, France

Schwenk The Camp – Schwenking the European Capital of Culture 2013 Marseille We were invited by our friends of Camping 2013 Marseille to Schwenk at their awesome Camping Event!

Schwenk La Paz – Bolivia

After a little delay, the pictures of the first official Schwenk in South America reached us! Check here how our friends from La Paz – Bolivia support the worldwide Schwenk movement.

Red Bull Chill N’ Schwenk

This is the official video of the Red Bull Chill N’ Schwenk Party! Thanks to Red Bull for the good food and drinks and thanks to all the people who joined! SchwenkTheWorld loved it! After all we are looking forward having many more projects with the support of Red Bull.

SchwenkTheWorld – Montreal

Yeeeehaaaa – here is the Video from our friend Daniel Wakeford who organized the first official SchwenkTheWorld in Canada!!! We love the handmade Schwenker and the “Hauptsach good gess” in the end of the video! Thanks!

Schwenking the Seychelles

This great picture reached us straight from the Seychelles! Our Schwenk friend Volker a Saarlaender by origin, is consistently Schwenking the Seychelles with his family! Thanks for the pictures Volker – and keep us on track whenever you Schwenk!


Big UP for our japanese Schwenk comunity!!! Even though Japan is in a big crisis, people keep schwenking. We really love the great pictures and it looks like they had a lot of fun especially with the Nikotama’s milice guards. 😛 If you like to support Japan during these days, here are two projects we like and

SCHWENK BONABERI (Douala, Cameroon)

The Schwenker arrived in Africa!!! Schwenkmeister Bernhard built a Schwenker in Cameroon with his friends out of a rebar and an old fence.

Schwenk Florentine – Israel

This new expedition of Schwenk The World brought us to Israel. We Schwenked the beach of Jaffa.

The Schwenk D’Eiffel

Invited to Paris from our friends Romain and Antoine, we took the chance to Schwenk Paris.