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The mission of SchwenkTheWorld is to spread the Saarländish 🔥 BBQ culture called “Schwenking”  all over the world. We want many people from many different countries to start schwenking. In the end we want to SchwenkTheWorld :)


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Traveling the world on a Schwenking mission - In order to convince every human being on the planet 🌍, we are travelling the world and schwenk. See here some examples of our glorious missions.

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Schwenk the World “ambassadors” from Saarland have held schwenk parties everywhere from Thailand to Romania
— Deena Prichep / Journalist, NPR
Schwenk the World (too weird to explain—you have to see for yourself...)
— Kurt Schwenk / Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
My new favorite grill goes by an odd name: the schwenker. And its setup is just as peculiar. Derived from the German term for “swivel,” its name alludes to the swinging action of the grate, which dangles over a fire from a massive tripod.
— Sal Vaglica /
If you want a small culinary adventure into the land of new flavor and tender, evenly roasted meat, try schwenker. Schwenk the World, baby!

I can't wait, get me a Schwenker: 


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This part is for those who want actively  spreading the Schwenking culture all over the world. Give us your details and drop us some lines with your motivation and we will contact you back as soon as we can. Meanwhile you can download The Ultimate Guide to start your career as a Schwenk ambassador.

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