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The original SchwenkTheWorld Schwenker

Come closer to your dream and get the original SchwenkTheWorld Schwenker.

1,5 ft grill

5,2 ft height

Only 10 pounds

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The original Schwenker

You will get our original SchwenkTheWorld Schwenker which is produced in Saarland, Germany. You can use it above a fireplace in your garden and you can take it on your next camping trip. Each leg can be dismantled into three pieces and they are made of aluminium in order to make them light and handy. The grill is nickel platet, so that you can leave the Schwenker outside.
The Schwenker will be delivered with our ultimate guide, so that you can directly start your carreer as a real SchwenkTheWorld ambassador.


  • Made in Saarland
  • Infinitely variable height adjustment
  • 100% original SchwenkTheWorld
  • Lightweight build
  • 100% rust free aluminium tripod
  • nickel platet grill
  • Easy set-up without tools

100% rust free tripod

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Made in Saarland - Germany

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